Press room


20 July 2018

Avtodor will continue improving M-4 Don Highway ahead of schedule

A number of highly important decisions were made during the work-related trip of the State Company management along M-4 Don Highway. The decisions mostly refer to the so-called “roller coaster” sections in Tula Region, intensification of labor effort in the construction of Losevo and Pavlovsk bypass in Voronezh Region, road approaches to Rostov-on-Don where M-4 Highway seems to be in the least satisfactory condition. Therefore, a decision was made to launch reconstruction of the road section short of Rostov-on-Don far ahead of schedule. The relevant company departments were ordered to provide an adequate financing of this project through redistribution of resource limits between other M-4 structural facilities.

 “In Rostov Region, jointly with the governor, we made a decision to establish a permanent working group for the implementation of M-4 Don reconstruction project, including Aksay city bypass. An action plan will be developed to raise the quality of the highway in Rostov Region to the level which now exists, for example, in Voronezh Region or Krasnodar Krai,” explained Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor Sergei Kelbakh.

Another important decision was taken with respect to Gelendzhik junctions project. The bid process will take place this year to start the works for the construction of road junctions in Gelendzhik, at the 1054th km and 1515th km, which are going to improve transport situation in this popular Black Sea resort.

Roadside service for motorists will also be improved. Large multifunctional rest areas similar to those being built now at the 249th km of Tula Region as well as small roadside cafés will be constructed.

“We plan to commission four more joint projects this year, including creation of small cafés within the rest areas on M-4 Don Highway. The last year’s experience showed that these facilities are quite a success. Although their outcome mostly refers to small business itself, we stick to the line initiated by the government: maximum involvement of small and medium size businesses in the production process to make their contribution to the gross domestic product. The State Company Avtodor is one of the participants to this program,” reminded Sergei Kelbakh.

M-4 Don Highway will be provided with 90 posts with standard traffic lights and traffic enforcement cameras at toll stations to promptly detect violations and punish habitual traffic offenders who try to go through a toll booth without paying thus causing accident risks and traffic incidents. Such cameras are an effective intervention in reducing road traffic collisions and related casualties. The offender will get a penalty in the amount of 1,000 rubles for going through a red traffic light as stipulated by the Administrative Offences Code. The penalty for a repeated violation committed during the same year is 5,000 rubles. The system was tested last year at the 545th km of M-4 Don Highway. The number of such violations at this road section decreased 20-foldat once. This positive experience will, therefore, be transferred to other road sections and other Avtodor motorways.

We will provide more details regarding all the above mentioned projects and decisions very soon.