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15 October 2018

25,000 drivers got assistance from accident managers on Avtodor highways since the beginning of the year

Over the first nine months of 2018, accident managers of the Integrated Toll Collection Systems, LLC (ITCS) handled 24,442 road accidents, including 13,804 cases on М-4 Don Highway, 8,652 cases on М-11 Moscow–Saint Petersburg Highway, and 1,986 cases on М-3 Ukraine Highway.

Mobile crews of accident managers are on duty 24/7 on all toll highways. In case of an emergency due to breakdown or any other incident preventing further travel, the motorists shall inform the accident manager service of their problem. We recommend using *2011 short code. The information about road calls is provided on special signs, announcement boards and electronic panels. Moreover, the accident manager on duty will use a video surveillance system to locate problem vehicles that stopped on the road, and will promptly send a rescue crew. Otherwise, the rescue crew will provide assistance by itself having noticed the accident during patrolling.

When patrol officers get to the scene, the patrol car will first of all install rotating warning lights to protect the damaged vehicle from fast-moving traffic. The accident managers may provide assistance in various cases, e.g. pump the wheel or fix a spare wheel, fuel the vehicle so that it could drive to the nearest filling station, provide first aid for the driver or passengers, call ambulance, evacuate the vehicle or extinguish the fire, as necessary. The patrol vehicles are specially equipped with all special instruments and tools. Moreover, the so-called “road angels” have the necessary expertise and knowledge, accordingly.