Press room


11 October 2018

Avtodor develops a state standard project to provide a convenient environment for the mobility impaired people on roads

The Science and Technology Council of Avtodor discussed at its meeting the need to create a GOST standard setting requirements for barrier-free environment on roads.

The meeting summarized the results of independent audit of the road infrastructure. This large scale investigation of the convenience of roadside facilities for mobility impaired people was conducted for the first time in Russia. Our experts together with representatives of the All-Russian Society of the Blind, All-Russian Society of the Deaf and All-Russian Society of the Disabled carefully studied the conditions at the filling stations, rest areas, roadside cafes, toll booths, pedestrian crossings and overpasses of all types and other facilities in several regions of the country. The revealed defects and drawbacks underlying the recommendations made a basis for the future GOST to be used in the road construction and reconstruction. We have no such document so far.

The list of proposals includes, for example, the requirement to construct handicap wheelchair ramps really suitable for disabled people in accordance with handicap accessibility laws. Filling stations shall be equipped with a call button because fuel nozzles are located very high and the filling post is always provided with a high step. Toll booths must not have tinted glasses or other obstacles in front of the operator as acoustically challenged persons shall see articulation of a person they are talking to. These are just few of the very important recommendations to form the basis of the new GOST.

“This work may become the basis for the development of a new national standard. Of course, we shall take into account a number of comments and proposals of the expert community. And what is more important -  we shall engage medical experts in this process to use the results of much deeper investigations effecting further design arrangements and concepts,” said Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh summarizing the results of the Science and Technology Council meeting.