Press room


30 October 2018

Construction of another bridge on the Central Ring Road 1 is nearing completion

The sliding of the span on the bridge over the Pakhra River at the First Launch Complex of the Central Ring Road in the Troitskiy Administrative District of Moscow is completed. The bridge is 314 m long, and its structure looks almost finished now; the next construction step will be concreting of a composite superstructure to construct the carriageway.

In total, there will be 41 artificial structures at the First Launch Complex of the Central Ring Road, including 14 bridges with a total length of 3.35 km. As of now, 100% of the project volume of metal bridge structures of the overall launch complex in the amount of more than 29 tons has already been manufactured, and 96% of this volume has been delivered.

The 49.5 km long road section will correspond to the highest (1A) technical grade, implying a dividing fence along the entire length, interchanges instead of intersections, and 4 lanes. Four interchanges will connect this section of the Central Ring Road with outbound southern routes of the capital city, and overpasses will allow bringing the local roads to the Small Moscow Ring Road, which will remain the CRR alternative. The contractor under a long-term investment agreement is Crocus International JSC.