Press room


31 October 2018

The 5th Launch Complex of the Central Ring Road (CRR) is 70% completed

Construction of the 5th Launch Complex of the Central Ring Road is carried out even more quickly than it had been expected. By now, about 70% of the scope of works have already been done. The road sections at Naro-Fominsky, Odintsovsky, Solnechnogorsky and Istrinsky districts of the Moscow Region are also almost ready. Many sections of this road were completely reconstructed, covered with asphalt, and expanded up to four lanes.

The 5th Launch Complex of the future Central Ring Road mostly consists in the reconstruction of 46 km section of the A-107 Moscow Small Concrete Ring. During the project implementation, all the road layers are to be removed up to the ground, reinforced and replaced with new ones using modern materials and additives designed for future high-speed busy traffic. Monolithic concrete plates at the road base, because of which the road is also called “concrete road”, are dismantled and recycled. All the works are carried out at the conditions of intensive traffic with 30,000 and more vehicles per day. It creates additional difficulties for the road builders. To insure safety and maintain capacity of the road, they have to constantly bypass traffic from one side to another. In addition, the reconstruction and expansion of the Moscow Small Concrete Ring, which runs across densely populated areas, requires reorganization of an extensive communications network. For example, we have to replace more than 49 distribution gas pipelines at Central Ring Road 5. Despite this, the intensity of contraction works is quite high.

The works are in progress to construct the artificial structures, such as bridges, overpasses, racks and pedestrian crossings, which are about 70-80% ready now.