Press room


3 December 2018

All federal highways of Avtodor operate normally despite bad weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions such as wet snow with rain and force wind up to 38 m/s, which prevail throughout the Central Russia and the south of the country since the evening of November 28, caused no serious complications or long interruptions in the traffic along federal highways Avtodor State Company.

All road maintenance services were warned and had time to prepare. Additional special equipment was allocated to some areas of the federal highways to clean snowdrifts and treat the road with anti-icing materials.

At M-3 Ukraine Highway, where heavy snow started since the Saturday evening, 54 technical units worked throughout the weekend. There were some local traffic jams but in general, the traffic functioned normally.

The highest level of precipitations accompanied by hurricane wind and rain hit the territory of Krasnodar Krai. This caused not only snowdrifts on roads, but strong icy conditions as well. But the difficulties on the roads were not associated with the road condition, which were timely treated with reagents, but with trucks on summer tiers. Thus, on November 28 at 10 pm, a truck on summer tires overturned on the 1,144th km of highway. It blocked two lanes for two hours. To prevent such accidents, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate officers were forced to limit the traffic of freight transport at certain sections of M-4 Don Highway in Krasnodar Krai territory. Currently, the federal highway operates in a normal mode in this section.  

Ice slick was observed on the roads in Rostov Region associated with temperature range, changing of temperatures fr om plus to minus and a strong northern wind. 91 units of special equipment, that operates on the M-4 Don Highway in this area were on 24-hour duty. The road was timely treated with sand and salt mixture.

Dear drivers, Avtodor State Company reminds you once again to strictly observe the traffic rules. Choose the correct speed lim it and maintain a safe distance while driving in difficult weather conditions. Do not forget to change summer tires for winter ones. Use recreation areas and parking spaces equipped in multifunctional recreation areas, if necessary.