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21 December 2018

Number of passages through Avtodor toll roads increases by 23%

Over the past 11 months this year, 103 million passages were recorded on the toll sections of Avtodor, which is 23% higher vs the same period last year.

In November 2018, 7.6 million passages were recorded, which is 21% more vs the previous year, wherein the share of passages using a transponder was 50%, i.e. every second journey this year was made using an electronic device. To compare, the share of passages was 36% in 2017, i.e. about one-third of the total, and in 2012, only one fifth of passages used transponders.

Drivers appreciated its benefits, which are not limited to the non-stop travel through the toll collection points and the opportunity to save money when traveling. Transponder use also allows participating in the loyalty program, accessing the personal account with passage history and convenient services to replenish the account balance, as well as round-the-clock professional assistance.

The record of using the electronic means is held by a new high-speed M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway. In November his year, 63% of motorists on this route used transponders. Among the trucks, this figure reached a record high 90%, that is 9 of 10 heavy-duty vehicles traveling on M-11 are equipped with and use a transponder. This was facilitated by the agreement between the toll road operators as part of a unified toll collection system, i.e. interoperability. From now on, every motorist can pay the fare using a single transponder, regardless of which operator issued the same.

More and more drivers of heavy vehicles choose M-11 as the main route, thus significantly reducing the travel time and saving the costs. This is evidenced by the double truck traffic intensity increase on M-11 route, from Tver to Veliky Novgorod in November this year as compared to November 2017.