Press room


25 December 2018

CRR to be equipped with railing made of composite materials

A pilot site to implement the new product will be the first launch complex of the Central Ring Road construction, where instead of the usual metal structures, the railing on the bridges will be made of fiberglass profiles designed specifically for this road.

The profiles have a number of advantages: they are more durable because they are not prone to rust, absolutely safe in terms of electric hazards, look compelling, can be bright, and have different colors. Besides, it is easy to replace parts of these structures when they are damaged. At the same time, it is not easy to break this barrier, for every element can withstand a load of 700 kg. Indeed, the composite materials are durable, and they are used to manufacture, for example, the bodies of sports cars and even bullet-proof vests.

The main feature of these products is that they are compressed using a special machine, not the hand-molding method. This improves the quality, and makes the design more durable. The first samples of such railing will be installed soon on the bridges of CRR-1.