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25 February 2019

Wildlife Crossing to be Built on the M-1 "Belarus" Highway in Smolensk Region

A protective fence is being installed within the road reservation area in order to prevent accidents due to appearing of wild animals on the roadway at the most dangerous sections of the M-1 Belarus Highway. At the same time, in order to preserve the migration routes of animals, an ecoduct will appear on the 184th km of the M-1 “Belarus” highway in the Smolensk region. Currently, the facility is at the design stage.

The first wildlife crossing in Russia appeared near Kaluga in 2016 as a result of an M-3 Ukraine Highway span reconstruction at the 170th kilometer of the road.  This is a special structure above the road, it helps monitor wild animal migration.Traces of hare, fox, squirrel, weasel were found in the snow during the winter season, later traces of roe deer, wild boar and even moose appeared. Another "green crossing" on the operational section of the road was built on the 84th km of the M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway near Moscow. But this wildlife crossing (pictured below) is not alike a bridge, but more of a tunnel laid through the body of the road embankment. Trees and shrubs are to be planted along the approaches to the structure in order to make crossing closely imitating natural environment.

As we have recently reported, two more wildlife crossings were built at the construction site of the third Launch Complex of the CRR. Construction of crossings for animals and monitoring of their activity is one of the elements of the Avtodor's environmental policy aimed at the improvement of the environment at our facilities and its adjacent territories. The State Company took it another step further: GOST R "Public Roads Project is being prepared now. Wildlife crossings. Requirements for deployment and location project is under preparation. We will build upon our solid experience in construction and operation of crossings for wild animals when designing and building other highways in the country.