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3 September 2019

The 7th section of M-11 Highway Moscow-St. Petersburg is in operation

On September 3 at 6 p.m. (Moscow time), the 7-th section of the M-11 Highway Moscow - St. Petersburg shall become open to traffic. The maximum permitted speed limit for light motor vehicles is 110 km per hour; with further increase up to 130 km per hour planned.

The opening ceremony of the 7-th section was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Innokenty Alafinov, Deputy Governor and Deputy Prime Minister of Novgorod Region Aleksandr Dronov, Chairman of the Committee for Road Facilities of Leningrad Region Denis Sedov, Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor Vyacheslav Petushenko, Senior Vice-President of VTB Group Yury Molchanov, Director General of Two Capitals Highway LLC Anton Novikov, Director General of Vinci Russia Christian Biegert.

“The new section of the M-11 Highway, being over one hundred kilometers long, not only brings the two capitals closer but also changes the quality of life, brings changes to the mentality of compatriots and our neighbors. They come to understand they can travel around Russia safely, quickly and with pleasure,” Innokenty Alafinov is sure. – “Road construction is hard work for designers, surveyors, hydrologists and contractors. The result of their work is a splendid facility for any user to travel with pleasure.”

“We have taken one more step to complete one of the most ambitious transport infrastructure projects in modern Russia. Today, we open to traffic 103 kilometers and 400 meters of the road. It is the most advanced highway now. But there are still 35 kilometers left before the construction of M-11 is completed. Therefore, I not only congratulate you on today's holiday but also insist on commissioning the eighth stage of this route and completing the project in two months,” said Vyacheslav Petushenko.

The section from the 543-rd to the 646-th km runs through the territory of Novgorod (26.98 km) and Leningrad regions (76.41 km) away from the settlements. The 103-kilometer stretch takes its start at the intersection of the M-11 with the M-10 Federal Highway Russia by the village of Myasnoy Bor (Novgorod region) and ends near Tosno (Leningrad region) at the intersection of the M-11 and the A-120 St. Petersburg Southern Half-Ring (concrete). A toll collection point is situated there.

The toll for driving along the new section is charged according to the closed system: when entering the highway, the driver receives a coupon, and pays the toll in cash or by card at the exit. Using a transponder is more convenient and cost-efficient, the drivers will be able not to stop when passing a toll collection point, as well as obtain discounts.

Driving along the 103-kilometer section for a passenger car will cost 224 rubles if using the T-pass transponder. Now, at the M-11, you can drive non-stop "through" almost 440 kilometers - from the 208-th km (bypassing Torzhok in the Tver region) to the 646-th km. Payment for a car amounts to 630 rubles if using the T-pass transponder; that is, less than a ruble and a half per kilometer.

The new section of the M-11 Highway of the highest technical category has no intersections at the same level, is lit along its entire length, is equipped with a central dividing strip and a barrier fence. Lukoil container filling stations were installed for emergency fueling on the 602-nd kilometer (in both directions); subsequently, the section shall have a multifunctional zone with a full range of roadside services. There are five recreational areas for drivers approximately at every 20 kilometers. The four-lane highway crosses 12 rivers. A total of 39 artificial structures were built at the 7-th stage, including 14 bridges and 25 overpasses. On the wildlife migration routes, there are special wildlife crossings isolated from the road by noise fencing. A two meters high wire mesh fence prevents animals from entering the road.


Driver’s attention!


Enter M-11 from the side of Veliky Novgorod - from the M-10 Highway Russia at the traffic interchange near the village of Myasnoy Bor. Enter the M-11 from the side of St. Petersburg - from the A-120 Highway (St. Petersburg Southern Half-Ring) on the section between the M-10 and the P-23 Pskov. When driving along the M-10, it is necessary to turn onto the A-120 highway towards Gatchina near the village of Ulyanovka. The interchange with the M-11 is after seven kilometers. When driving along the P-23 Pskov, you should go around Gatchina city, turn onto Vyritskoye Shosse (41K-100 Gatchina-Kurovitsy), and then onto the A-120 road towards Kirovsk. The interchange with the M-11 is after 30 kilometers.





The M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg is a high-speed highway of the highest technical category; after it is open to traffic, driving from one capital to another will take no more than 6-7 hours. The M-11 is being constructed according to the long-term program of Activities of the State Company "Russian Highways" (2010 - 2021) approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 31, 2009, No. 2146-p and is based on the principles of public and private partnership, which presuppose that provisions of the concluded agreements include investment obligations of contractors for co-financing of the work performed.

The concession agreement on financing, construction, and operation of this toll section between the State Company Avtodor and Two Capitals Highway LLC was signed on November 18, 2014. Construction started in summer 2016. The total investments amount over 44 billion rubles. To date, 469.86 kilometers of the highway have already been commissioned. These sections are from the 15-th to the 58-th km, stage 1 (from the 58-th km to the 97-th km), stage 2 (from the 97-th km to the 149-th km), stage 4 (from the 208-th km to the 258-th km), stage 5 (from the 258-th km to the 334-th km), 6th stage (from the 334-th km to the 543-rd km).

 Two Capitals Highway LLC is a company established by the VTB Capital investment bank and French VINCI Group to implement the project for the construction and operation of the 7-th and 8-th stages of the M-11 (137 km section from St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod) based on state-private partnership. The contract period is 27 years.

The two construction sites are 137.6 km long; 17 bridges, 44 overpasses and 1 tunnel under the railway are located there. The construction involves about 7,000 people and 500 pieces of equipment.  The eighth section from Tosno to St. Petersburg (from the 646-th km to the 684-th km) will also be commissioned in 2019, then, the construction of the M-11 will be completed.