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4 September 2019

About one and a half thousand cars drove through the new M-11 Moscow – Saint Petersburg section in first hours of its operation

About one and a half thousand cars drove through the newly opened 7th section of the M-11 Moscow – Saint-Petersburg Highway in Novgorod and Leningrad regions (the 543rd – 646th km) as early as in the first hours of its operation. Within six hours, 646 cars drove through the Toll Gate located at the 647th kilometer near Tosno, and 817 cars drove out.

Most of the cars that drove by were motor cars. The cars that drove out included 485 first category vehicles, and 255 heavyweights (the fourth category).

More than half of the drivers who drove through the section paid, using a transponder, there were 885 of them. As a reminder, the transponder can help you save significantly when making payment: 224 rubles instead of 280 rubles in cash or by a bank card for a motor car if you drive through only one new 103-kilometer section. There will be even more savings for those who pass several sections of the M-11 Highway at once. For example, the total cost of the route from Tver to Tosno (the 208th – 646th km) in cash is 1050 rubles for the first category car, the owner of the transponder pays 630 rubles for the same route, which means that the discount makes up 40%!

The new Avtodor - Toll Roads Sales and Service Center operates on the 647th km of the highway and is located in the Moscow direction, a short distance from the Toll Gate. All drivers traveling along M-11 can purchase or rent a T-pass transponder here, personify the existing device, activate the interoperability service and top up their account.

For the convenience of motorists, the opportunity of fueling up has been immediately provided at the new section, container gas stations have been installed on the recreational sites at the 604th kilometer in both directions, which allow refueling cars with gasoline and diesel fuel using credit cards. As early as in the first hours of the new section, gas stations began to serve customers. Subsequently, multifunctional zones will appear throughout M-11, allowing drivers and their passengers to enjoy the full range of roadside services, including refueling cars with all types of fuel.