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1 November 2010

First auction for multifunctional roadside servicing facilities announced in Russia

Avtodor State Company is holding the first open auction for an investment agreement to create multifunctional roadside servicing facilities. The state company announced a tender to build four facilities on the M-1 Belarus highway and another three on the M-4 Don highway.

The new servicing facilities will have rest sites, special smoking places, toilets, petrol-filling stations, carwash, technical services, eateries, shops, motels, first-aid posts, etc.

Avtodor is developing servicing facilities according to the long-term program of activities approved by the Russian government Resolution #2146-r of December 31, 2009. The servicing facilities will be evenly distributed along the highways of the state company. Their locations have been determined earlier That will help avoid a situation when facilities abound in one place and are absent in another.

”In spring we monitored roadside services on M-1 Belarus and M-4 Don highways managed by the company. It was exposed that over 50% of facilities cannot be considered acceptable for motorists. Roadside services for cargo vehicles are poorly developed. Multifunctional roadside servicing facilities will change the situation and provide the European level of services. The auction is an important step in the direction,” said roadside services department head Yevgeny Komardin.