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2 November 2010

Rusnano and Avtodor ink cooperation agreement

The Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor) and Rusnano State Corporation signed a cooperation agreement on November 2, 2010 in the Expocenter in Moscow on the sidelines of the Third International RUSNANOTECH 2010 Forum.

The agreement was signed by Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais and Avtodor CEO Sergei Kostin.

The agreement aims at mounting the introduction of innovations in the network of high-speed toll roads.

The Rusnano CEO told reporters the state corporation “has long been eyeing road construction” which already enjoys major technologies. Nevertheless, the sphere needs to have a whole complex of  Smart Road technological solutions. Chubais said Avtodor State Company is an interesting and important partner for Rusnano.  

Avtodor CEO Sergei Kostin said at the signing ceremony “the creation of modern high-speed roads is impossible without new technologies. Naturally, the experience of the state corporation (Rusnano) is very important and will help us introduce new technologies.”  

The parties agreed to coordinate activities in the introduction of innovative solutions in construction, maintenance and repairs of highways. The cooperation will enhance the efficiency of road industry management, decrease costs and upgrade the normative base for the use of nanotechnologies in the road industry.

The companies decided to set up a joint taskforce that will include representatives of contractors and research institutions of the industry.

According to the agreement, Rusnano and Avtodor will jointly work to streamline technical regulations, promote an early R&D introduction, and participate in scientific, coordinative, and other groups in charge of innovative solutions in the sphere of road construction and maintenance. The joint effort aims at encouraging demand for products created with the use of nanotechnologies.