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1 December 2010

Expert council discussed roadside services development

On November 30, 2010 the Russian Highways State Company held a meeting of the Expert council on roadside services development.

The event was attended by Expert council Chairman and First Deputy CEO of Avtodor Igor Urmanov, Deputy Chairman of the Expert council and Avtodor Deputy CEO Alexander Tselkovnev, Expert council Secretary and head of the roadside services department Yevgeny Komardin, Deputy Director of department for the state policy in road industry of the Russian Transport Ministry Sergei Sobolev, Deputy Director of the department of tourism and international cooperation of the Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy Ministry Igor Yeremin, senior inspector of the traffic safety department of the Russian Interior Ministry Leonid Rebrikov, head of the road department of Lipetsk region Nikolai Pushkarev, representatives of expert community and professional associations: Russian Fuel Union, Association of International Road Carriers, Pan-Russian Public Organization Business Russia, Federation of Restaurant and Hotel Managers, Russian Road Transport Union, Pan-Russian Public Association of small and medium businesses Opora Russia, Research Institute of Transport and Road industry, non-profit partnership of road design organizations Rodos, self-regulating MOD Soyuzdorstroi organization.    

The meeting discussed the role of self-regulating organizations in the development of roadside services, the program of roadside services development on highways of Avtodor State Company and the action plan of the Expert council for 2011. Members of the council decided to streamline proposals on further interaction and approve the action plan at the next meeting.

The Expert council of the State Company Russian Highways was set up by the order #92 of 19.07.2010 to promote efficient interaction of the State Company Russian Highways with business circles and the public and engage them in road services development to the maximum.