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8 December 2010

Avtodor opens first toll section of federal M4 Don highway

Lipetsk region, December 6, 2010.  Today the Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor) opened the toll section (414 – 464 km) of the federal M4 Don highway.
From 9.00 to 21.00 hours the section toll comprises 55 rubles for cars and vehicles up to 3.5 tons, 110 rubles for vehicles from 3.5 to 8 tons, and 220 rubles for vehicles over eight tons.  From 21:00 to 09:00 hours the toll will comprise 50, 100, and 200 rubles correspondingly.  The toll stations are located at 416 and 464 km.  

Six toll paying cabins operate at each entry to the toll section. The control center located at the toll station will regulate the number of operating cabins depending on the traffic density and will also control the correctness of toll collection by operators. The driver can pay toll without leaving the vehicle as payments are accepted at two levels – for cars, trucks and coaches. At present the toll can be paid only in cash. In future contactless and bank cards will be used. The driver has to show the receipt to leave the toll section.  

The toll section fully corresponds to international quality and safety standards. It refers to the first technical category with central reservation lane, automatic traffic management system and  video surveillance. The absence of left-side turns and intersections increased the speed limit to 110 km/h.  

At the same time, according to the federal law 145-FZ of July 17, 2009 (Federal Law on the Russian Highways State Company and on amendments to individual Russian legislative acts) drivers can go by alternative free routes that run through Khlevnoe settlement and the own of Zadonsk. To find the alternative route drivers shall follow road signs on the highway.    

“A toll section has already existed on the M-4 Don highway before. It was a 20-kilometer bypass of Khlevnoe settlement. Because of reconstruction it became toll-free from June 1, 2010. Now the toll section reopens and it is the first experience in many aspects. It has been reconstructed in the state-of-the-art way. It is the first section in trust management of Avtodor State Company and for the first time the speed limit was raised to 110 km/h on a toll road,” said Avtodor First Deputy CEO Sergei Kelbakh.