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11 February 2020

Central Ring Road to get Central Control Station

Road builders currently proceed to the erection of structures of the second floor in the three-storey building of the Central Control Station (CCS) of the Central Ring Road located at the crossway between M-8 Kholmogory Highway (Yaroslav Highway) А-107 Highway (Small Ring of Moscow). The necessary IT infrastructure will be provided to operate the toll road.

All the information about traffic events spotted by cameras, sensors, weather stations and other communication equipment will be sent to the CCS and transmitted to the automated traffic control system (ASUDD) and the Free Traffic Flow Charging System.

ASUDD will provide control over the entire situation on the road. If any accident, breakdown, or other emergency occurs, the operator will see it and immediately send the crew of emergency commissioners to provide the required services. The operator will warn the driver through information boards about weather changes, like snow, thunderstorm, ice or rain. The system will promptly react and dispatch special equipment for treating the pavement.

 The Russia’s first toll-free system, Free Traffic Flow, will be introduced at the Central Ring Road. All cars will pass through the safety gate non-stop. The information fr om the gate is also sent to CCS, wh ere it has to be processed. Thereafter, the system automatically calculates and deducts the fee from the personal account of the motorist through the transponder or from the purchased route card.