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28 May 2011

Nearly 100 tons of garbage removed from Khimki forest in a month

On May 28 activists of the Pan-Russian Society for Nature Protection and employees of the Avtodor State Company held a volunteer clean-up in Khimki forest. Eighty people worked near the settlement of Starbeevo and removed several heavy-duty truck loads of garbage from the forest.  

Four volunteer clean-ups were held in a month. Activists of VOOP, Pan-Russian Green Movement, students of ecological faculties of Moscow institutes, and employees of Avtodor State Company removed nearly 100 tons of garbage (seven heavy duty trucks). Before the action the “green patrol” estimated at least 200 tons of garbage on forest borders close to the drive-ins. Thus, major work has been accomplished and it is yet to be decided how to remove the remaining garbage and prevent the emergence of dump sites.