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26 August 2011

New section of federal M-4 Don highway commissioned in Lipetsk region

A new section of federal M-4 Don federal highway that bypasses the city of Yelets in Lipetsk region was commissioned on August 26. The 56-kilometer bypass is a first category road with a rated velocity of 110 km/h. It is a four-lane road and the carriage way is 14 meters wide. The 20.8-billion ruble section was constructed for three years from November 2008 to July 2011. DSK AUTOBAHN Company won the open tender in 2008 to build the Yelets bypass. This year 39 kilometers of road sections were commissioned on the federal M-4 Don highway. Another 67 kilometers are to be launched by the end of the year. From 2011 to 2014 the M-4 Don highway will get 493.3 kilometers of new sections. State Company Avtodor will invest over 152 billion rubles into the highway in four years. A half of the Don highway – over 780 kilometers – is planned to be operated as a toll road in future. Next year the Yelets bypass will also become a toll road. The performance of the first toll section that bypasses the towns of Zadonsk and Khlevnoe showed the motorists are ready pay for the fast, comfortable and safe route: 70% of vehicles that used to drive through Zadonsk and Khlevnoe moved to the new road. The new Yelets bypass will also considerably ease transit traffic in the town.

Background: Current technical parameters of the M-4 Don highway in Lipetsk region: the federal M-4 Don highway in Lipetsk region is 182.64 kilometers long. It comprises 52.376 kilometers of the I technical category, 55.55 kilometers of the II technical category, 74.714 kilometers of the III technical category, 59.376 kilometers of four-lane traffic, 162.4 kilometers of guard rails, 227objects, including 27 bridges and 31 viaducts. 137.5 kilometers of the highway have street lighting in Lipetsk region. Average annual traffic density comprises 18 thousand vehicles a day in Lipetsk region and maximum density may reach 32 thousand vehicles a day. Cars comprise 59% of traffic while high-capacity long vehicles comprise 8.7% of cargo traffic. Total costs to operate and maintain M-4 Don highway in Lipetsk region comprise 231.433 million rubles in 2011. This year 25.1 kilometers of the Don highway will undergo repairs in Lipetsk region. Repairs have been held at the sections from 359 km to 363 km, from 384 km to 391 km, and from 401 km to 414 km. At present work worth 150 million rubles has been accomplished which is 64% of the annual program. Besides, we plan in 2011 to design specifications and estimates for complex buildup of alternative sections running through Lipetsk region from 335 km to 464 km. They will no longer lack street lighting, guard rails, sidewalks, street lights and other engineering traffic means.