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30 March 2012

Implementation of the RF First Long-Term Operator’s Contract for the Federal Highway Maintenance, Repair and Paid Operation Has Started

On March 29, 2012, implementation of the RF first long-term operator’s contract for the federal highway maintenance, repair and paid operation of the second section of М-4 Don Highway (225th km–633rd km) started. The contract was concluded with Unified Road Toll Collection Systems (the URTCS), a Limited Liability Company, in the end of the last year, following the results of the open international tender.

The operator’s contract means a principally new approach used by the Russian Highways to the highway paid operation, which has not so far been used in the road industry of the Russian Federation. It combines the stages of highway maintenance, repair and paid operation with simultaneous inclusion of investment elements.

The highway management system proposed by the Russian Highways company corresponds to the generally accepted international practice and provides for the most optimal and well-balanced highway sectional management system by the following scheme: one management center for each 300 - 400 km. This allows controlling and arranging the traffic most optimally as well as managing the road toll collection process for use of the paid highway sections.

At this stage, the obligations of the URTCS include highway maintenance and repair as well as collection of road toll on the existing paid sections. By 2014, in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions, the URTCS will equip the operated section of М-4 Don Highway with complex information systems and traffic management systems. This will allow considerable improving the safety and traffic control level on the section, including timely and effective emergency responding. For those purposes, the URTCS will create the section control center, one of the tasks of which will be to perform situation road control. In 2012-2013, it is planned to construct the road toll collection centers and Automated Traffic Control subsystems which the URTCS will equip with advanced equipment and technologies.

The operator’s contract provides for the operator’s liability for the road condition in accordance with all the Russian standards and regulations.

The Federal М-4 Don Highway with the total length of more than 1,500 km passes through Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar and connects Moscow and Novorossisk. It is expected that the length of the paid sections by-passing the cities, towns and villages through which the highway currently passes will make 662.9 km (40% of the total highway length).

Currently, there is the 50 km long M-4 Don Highway’s paid section in the Lipetsk oblast, which by-passes the town of Zadonsk and Khlevnoye village (from the 414th to the 464.3rd km). The section was put into service on a paid basis in December 2010. The section daily average traffic made 11,374 motor vehicles per day in the 1st quarter of the year 2012.

The next tender for an operator’s maintenance, repair and paid operation of the first section of М-4 Don Highway (from the 21st to the 225th km) should be announced in 2012.


The Russian Highways, a State Company, was established on July 17, 2009. The objective of the company is to create and develop paid highway networks and their free alternates, highway maintenance, increase of their traffic capacity, and development of the road service facilities. One of the key objects of the Russian Highways is to introduce new forms of contractual relations under the government-private partnership projects, attraction of additional extra-budgetary funds into the road industry.

The Russian Highways, a State Company, performs trust management of 449 km long М-1 Belarus Highway, М-4 Don (1,517 km) and М-3 Ukraine (488 km). Since February 2011, the Russian Highways has been a coordinator of construction of the Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway (acting as a concession grantor in construction of the highway head section, from the 15th to the 58th km) and construction of Near-Moscow Odintsovo М-1 Highway bypass where the Russian Highways company acts as a concession grantor.

Besides, the Russian Highways has been vested with the functions of a coordinator under construction of the Central Ring Highway (CRHW) in the Moscow Region.

More detailed information about the Russian Highways, a State Company, is available at the WEB-site

The Unified Road Toll Collection Systems (the URTCS) LLC is a joint venture established by Mostotrest JSC and Kapsch TrafficCom Russia LLC for implementation of paid highway operation projects, development and implementation of optimal technological solutions using intelligent highway control systems. Mostotrest JSC is a controlling shareholder in the joint venture with 51% interest.

Kapsch TrafficCom is an international supplier of intelligent transport systems (ITS). The company focuses on development and introduction of electronic road toll collection systems designed mainly for multilane free stream traffic as well as technical and commercial control of such systems. Besides, Kapsch TrafficCom offers solutions for traffic control, including city traffic, as well as some ITS and telematics systems. With 260 implemented projects in 41 countries in all five continents as well as about 44 million installed onboard devices and over 18,000 equipped lanes, Kapsch TrafficCom holds a position of one of the leading international suppliers of electronic road toll collection systems. With the headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Kapsch TrafficCom has a network of representative offices and subsidiaries in 25 countries.

More detailed information is available at the company’s WEB-site at:

Mostotrest JSC (including Corporation Ingtransstroy LLC and Transstroymechanizatsiya LLC) is the largest diversified company in infrastructure construction and the leading bridge construction company in Russia. According to the independent branch consultant PMR, in 2010, Mostotrest dominates 8.4% of the Russian infrastructure construction market (excluding road maintenance and repair).

The main Mostotrest’s competence is construction and reconstruction of bridges (including high-way, railway and city bridges), highways and other transport infrastructure facilities.

The company was established in 1930 for construction of out-of-class and major bridges. For the years of operation, the company has constructed and reconstructed over 7,500 different infrastructure facilities — bridges, overhead roads, tunnels and road interchanges.

Currently, Mostotrest takes part in numerous infrastructure projects in Russia, such as construction of transport facilities for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, road interchange on the highroad Shosse Entuziastov in Moscow, facilities on the Federal М-4 Don, М-7 Volga and highways.

More detailed information about Mostotrest is available at the Company’s WEB-site at: