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15 May 2012

The Russian Highways Put the 48th – 71st km М-4 Don Highway Section into Service

The Russian Highways, a State Company, has opened a reconstructed М-4 Don Highway sector (the 48th – 71st km) in a free test mode, which will later be operated on a paid basis.

The opening ceremony was attended by Igor Levitin, acting Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Oleg Eremeyev, Vice-Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the Federation Council, and Sergey Kelbach, Chairman of the Russian Highways, a State Company.

”The section we open today has been created by joint efforts of constructors, employees of the State Company and Federal Road Agency which was an initial customer of the reconstruction project”, - S. Kelbach, CEO of the Russian Highways.

This section is a second launch complex of the reconstruction project of М-4 Don Highway in the direction of the Moscow Ring Road – Kashira (the 21st km – 117th km) in the Moscow oblast. The 48th – 71st km section was constructed in 1999. Its reconstruction was started on the 25th of December 2008 and was completed on the 25th April 2012. The cost of reconstruction made about 6 bln RUR.

As part of reconstruction, two new traffic lanes have been constructed between the 48th and 71st km, as a result of which the number of lanes in the section has increased from four to six. Besides, two road interchanges (in the 53rd and 62nd km) were constructed in the section; besides, the bridge through the river Severka (the 57th km) was reconstructed.

8.5 thousand running meters of noise barriers for towns and villages located near the highway have been constructed along the highway. Lighting has been installed all along the section. The road is equipped with 18 safety communication points, information screens and dynamic information boards with transient information signs for drivers.

Besides, in 2010 – 2011, over 19 thousand running meters of cement concrete slabs on the four lanes have been replaced.

The road toll collection points (TCP’s) in this section will operate in a test free mode at least during one month upon opening. This means that vehicles will drive through road toll collection points (TCP’s) installed at the 51st (from Moscow) and 71st (to Moscow) km, however, the drivers won’t pay the toll.

“The corner-stone is road quality, comfort and traffic safety and not toll collection”, - emphasizes S. Kelbach.

After the road toll collection equipment and automated road traffic control equipment is tested in the real traffic mode, the section between the 51st and 71st km of the М-4 Don Highway will be operated on a paid basis.

The toll will be paid by few methods:
• by available funds;
• by banking cards;
• by special smart-cards;
• by transponders which will be installed on the wind screen and which will ensure automated toll collection when a  vehicle drives through the FCP.

In case of payment by available funds, a vehicle drives in payment zone at the permissive traffic signal and stops opposite the operator’s window. The head cashier establishes the vehicle’s category and informs the driver about the toll. The toll and vehicle’s category will be displayed on the display panel. The driver pays the toll and receives a receipt. Driving will be continued upon lifting of the toll bar and switching of the permissive traffic signal.

In case of payment by a smart-card, a driver places a smart-card available with him or her to a special reading machine. The system automatically debits the client’s account with the relevant amount in accordance with the established rates.

In case of payment by a transponder, the funds will be automatically debited when the vehicle equipped with a transponder drives through the TCP. Special traffic lanes are allocated for such vehicles at the TCP. 

It will be possible to drive through the paid section using smart-cards and transponders on the basis of prepayment. Smart-cards and transponders will be available for purchase in the sales and service centers located in the territory of road toll collection points.