Press room


7 June 2012

Joint Statement by SC Russian Highways and North-West Concession Company

State Company ‘Russuan Highways’ (Avtodor), as the Concession Grantor for the 15-58 km Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway Construction Project, and Limited Liability Company ‘North-West Concession Company’, as the Concessionaire, express resentment over the provocations by unknown individuals reckoning themselves as members of the Khimki Forest Defenders Movement and Environmental Defense of the Moscow Region. 
On 3rd and 6th of June 2012, unacceptable acts were recorded on the new road’s construction site running through Khimki with respect to the construction companies’ workers and machinery employed under the construction contracts. Common builders of the 15-58 km of the Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway had to deal with aggression and provocations - up to physical abuse – coming from persons who call themselves the Khimki forest defenders.

In particular, unidentified persons tried to obstruct the construction works blocking the movement of special machinery and attempting to damage it, while all the works on the site allocated for the new road are legally performed by virtue of Construction Permit No. 03-1/125 of 1 September 2011 issued by the Federal Road Agency of the Russian Transport Ministry, and confirmed by the Ostankinsky District Court of Moscow on 20 April 2012.
In July 2011, the Ostankinsky District Court already confirmed the legality of Avtodor activities of preparing the site for constructing the 15-58 km of the Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway within the Lobnya and Khimky forestries. 

It is further reminded that the highway construction project has passed all necessary inspections and examinations (including environmental) and has been approved as per the Glavgosexpertiza Certificate No. 277-10/GGE-5074/04 of 9 April 2010. 
The construction of the Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway and, specifically, its head section, is effected for the purpose of overcoming the transport collapse at the head section of the M-10 Russia Highway and adjacent areas. The delay created by the present situation on this project aggravates environmental situation in Khimki, Solnechnogorsk, and other residential areas, where the existing federal M-10 highway is running that has long exhausted its traffic capacity. 
Avtodor and NWCC condemn these actions and, once again, call for a dialogue with all stakeholders to ensure that this project of such a high public significance is implemented at the earliest in compliance with the applicable Laws and regulations.