Russia's Glavgosexpertisa approves the reconstruction project of 715th to 777th km section of M-4 Don highway

Russia's Glavgosexpertiza (State Expert Evaluation Dept) issued positive opinions on the project for the reconstruction of 715th to 777th km section of M-4 Don Highway in the Verkhnyamamonsky and Bogucharsky districts of Voronezh Region.

After reconstruction, this road section will become a high-speed lane (technical category 1B), which will provide its users with safe and comfortable travel. In particular, we plan to install fencing, noise screens and elements of an intelligent transport system, outdoor lighting on this section of M-4 Don Highway, which will ensure safe passage in the dark.

The main reconstruction work will start on 740th to 777th km section. Now it is this section that prevents motorists from travel to Moscow at high speed as it does not correspond to the characteristics of the highway (III technical category). It is designed to allow up to 6,000 vehicles per day. The width of lane is not more than 3.5 meters.

After reconstruction, this road section will become the same as the other part (in the direction of Krasnodar). It corresponds to the parameters of the 1B highway, where the lane is 3.75 meters, and the estimated traffic intensity is more than 14,000 cars per day. After completion of the work, the technical characteristics of M-4 Don (through 62 km) from 715th to 777th section, will meet the requirements of the highway.

In addition, as part of the reconstruction, we plan to equip the roadside territory, including sidewalks, adapted for the movement of people with low vision and limited physical abilities. For their convenience, pedestrian paths with anti-slip coatings and tactile plates have been designed, next to recreation areas and traffic police posts. Parking lots will be arranged for people with limited mobility.

M-4 Don Federal Highway is a key transport artery in the south of Russia, which provides travel from the central regions to the Black Sea coast. This road is part of the North-South international transport corridor, which includes four European routes (E115, E592, E97 and E50), and connect the countries of Scandinavia and the Baltic with Transcaucasia, the Near and Middle East. The State Company Avtodor is carrying out a consistent comprehensive reconstruction of M-4 Don Highway to develop the infrastructure and increase traffic capacity. Now about 70% of the total length of this highway meets the standards of the first technical category, that is comply with the definition of a highway.
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