Reconstruction of M-1 Belarus to connect A-108 "Moscow Big Ring" is planned for 2023

In the third quarter this year, we plan to redeliver transport and traffic to a new segment and begin reconstruction of the existing highway from 45th to 54th km of Belarus M-1 Highway. Motorists, as now, will travel using four lanes, but on a newly built road, and builders will begin reconstruction of the old part of the highway.

The work on this section of the road, which runs near the Patriot military-patriotic culture and recreation park of the RF Armed Forces and Patriot industrial park, is carried out as part of the program for the reconstruction of the Belarus M-1 Highway. The program includes construction of 6 interchanges, the expansion of the roadway to 86 kilometers — the intersection with the A-108 Moscow Big Ring (MBR). In particular, the construction of the junction to the Patriot Park on 59th km and to Kubinka Arfield at 64th km - at the intersection of M-1 with Mozhaisk Highway “Mozhaysk - Naro-Fominsk” (the junction will include 17 exits), interchanges with MBR.

As a result of the reconstruction, which we plan to complete in 2023, the number of lanes will increase from 4 to 10, and the throughput will double. Motorists will get from Moscow to MBK in 40 minutes along the highway, which will have 5 lanes, starting from 45 km point in each direction (three main lanes and two double lanes).

The road section from 45th to 54th km will be commissioned in December 2020, and work on the 66th km section will be completed in December 2021. We also plan to build 9 elevated pedestrian crossings and one turn overpass on this section.

On 65th km of the route, we shall erect arches of the railway bridge and three tracks to unite the Kubinka – Akulovo station. The technology for erecting such arches is similar to those installed on the Crimean bridge: arches are pre-assembled at special sites, after which they are delivered to the bridge supports for final installation.

All the bridge work shall be carried out without stopping the traffic flow on M-1 Highway at two technological sites located parallel to the road. Currently, the arch is being assembled for further advancement on technological trolleys equipped with special supporting structures. Arches with the help of these carts will be advancing on existing railway tracks. Installation of the entire structure weighing 1,860 tons is planned to be completed in 2021.

Reconstruction of the route is carried out using intelligent systems and taking into account modern road building technologies.

Noise screens will be erected to reduce the noise level for all villages. Water flowing from the roadway will fall into high-tech treatment facilities with ultraviolet lamps (for disinfection).

Throughout the entire road section of the highway to be reconstructed, including local driveways, we shall install lighting and carry out comprehensive landscaping of the roadside area with landscaping.

Intelligent systems will also be used after reconstruction: during the operation of M-1, traffic control will be carried out by a modern automated traffic control system.
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