Avtodor state company developed the territory around 43 Great Patriotic war monuments

Most monuments to brave soldiers who kept the enemy away from the state capital are erected along M-1 Belarus Highway which hosted the main defense center of Moscow. Territory of 22 monuments near the highway was improved. Avtodor employees cleaned tiles, renovated border stones of stands, and painted fences, benches and arbors in the rest zone. In addition, lighting fixtures were repaired. Buffer zones of these areas were cleaned.

A few M-1 Highway monuments subject to repairs and cleaning include collective graves at Field of Glory borderline on the 73rd kilometer, monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya on the 86th kilometer, chapel near Yelnya town on the 125th kilometer, and memorial in Yartsevo district on the 330th kilometer. Each of them has its own story. Some of these stories are posted on the web page dedicated to war roads: http://9mayavtodor.ru/.

Avtodor employees also improved the territory of seven monuments on M-3 Ukraine Highway, an important defense and strategic center during the war. At the border between Kaluga and Bryansk regions, there is a monument to the heroic deed of soldiers of the 50th Bryansk front army headed by Lieutenant General Yermakov. The territory around the monument was improved, granite coatings were cleaned, and tiles were polished.

Along M-4 Don Highway, the territory around 14 monuments was cleaned. They include several military burial memorials in Tula region, monument to soldiers of the 13th South-Western front army on the 398th kilometer in Lipetsk region, to marines in Rostov region, and to soldiers of the 30th Irkutsk division and Taman division in Krasnodar Krai. Apart from territory improvement and monuments repair, colored road reflectors with symbols of the 75th Great Victory anniversary were mounted on axis fences.
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