24 June 2020

Installation of Monument "To Those Who Lost Their Lives Defending the Fatherland" on the 561st km of M-11 Neva Highway is completed

The bronze monument is the dominant of the memorial "To Those Who Lost Their Lives Defending the Fatherland". It is located on M-11 Highway on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

A roadside icon case with mosaic images of the Novgorod Mother of God of the Holy Sign and Alexander Nevsky is on the opposite side of the road.

A place for the memorial was chosen for a reason. Here, not far from the recreation site on the 561st kilometer, in Myasnoy Bor in Novgorod Region, fighters of Volkhov Front held back the enemy in heavy battles in 1942. This memorial was created to underscore the historical importance of the place. As a monument, they took a traditional image of a defender warrior which we know since childhood. The sculptors of the Studio of Military Artists named after. M.B. Grekov worked on it. The monument is more than three meters high, and together with the pedestal, it rises above the crowns of trees.

On June 27, 2020, the opening ceremony of the memorial will take place. The traffic will be stopped for 10 minutes from 12.30 to 12.40 a.m. on the 561st kilometer of M-11 Neva Highway.

After the opening, everyone who travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg will be able to pray at the icon case, and lay flowers at the monument to fallen soldiers on the way back.

One can turn around on the highway to see the monument, as well as the icon case. Along the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, it is possible to move to the other side at the interchange at the 545th kilometer, which is 16 kilometers from the site. Also, the project provides for a U-turn in the direction from Moscow to St. Petersburg, 13 kilometers from the memorial.