25 June 2020

The speed rate has been increased on the 50 kilometers of M-11 in Tver region

From today, it is allowed to move at a speed of up to 130 km/h on Torzhok bypass section from the 208th to the 258th kilometer of M-11 Neva in Tver region. It is worth noting that such speed rate was set earlier only on the bypass of Vyshny Volochyok from the 258th to the 334th km. Now motorists can speed up to 130 km per hour on the 126-kilometer section of Neva Highway.

This is the first step in implementing a phased increase in the allowed speed on M-11. Such speed rate will be set on the section from the 334th to the 546th kilometer of Neva Highway in Tver and Novgorod regions soon.