26 June 2020

The launch of traffic on bypass of Losevo village and Pavlovsk city on M-4 Don Highway in Voronezh region is getting ready

Asphalt is laid at the last hundred meters of the bypass of Losevo village and Pavlovsk city on M-4 Don Highway in Voronezh region. The road workers are preparing to open the traffic: they finalize road marking, install a barrier fence, a lighting line, set up an automated traffic control system (ATCS) and a toll collection system (TCS).

Builders are planned to finish all works at the facility by the end of the month, so that motorists can move towards the south in early July, bypassing Losevo village and Pavlovsk city.

The length of the new M-4 section is more than 85 kilometers (from 633 to 715 kilometers). It passes through the territory of Bobrov, Pavlovsk and Verkhny Mamon districts of Voronezh region. The road has 1B technical category and 4 lanes with separated counter-flows and interchanges at different levels.

There are two tall collection points on the section. One point is located on the 636th kilometer of the road: 16 toll lanes will function on it, six of which can operate in reverse mode. On all toll collection gates, one can make contactless payment — using a transponder, without stopping, driving at a speed of up to 30 km/h.

The second toll collection point will be located at the 672nd kilometer of the road, at the entrance to Pavlovsk city. There will be four toll lanes on this toll collection point, two in each direction.