23 July 2020

Only 0.33% of road-users try to get a free ride on the toll roads

Over a year and a half, the number of unpaid passes on toll sections of the State Company Avtodor has decreased almost thirty times. The share of defaulters on the routes of the State Company in May and June this year amounted to 0.33% month.

At the beginning of 2019, before Avtodor introduced special measures, the share of such violations had been almost 10% of the total intensity per month. By the end of last summer, after the installation of rigid barriers and a photo and video recording system at all toll collection points, their number fell to 4%.

The State Company Avtodor monitors the compliance with the rules of passage through the toll collection point gateways. To prevent attempts to jump behind the vehicle in front, Avtodor replaced all "soft" barriers with metal booms and installed "Photofinish" speed cameras, which record violations and events of failing to observe a red light. If a driver deliberately violates traffic rules, they are fined 1,000 rubles, and 5,000 rubles for a repeated violation committed within a year.