22 July 2020

On M-11 Neva Highway in Tver and Novgorod Regions, the speed limit is increased starting from July 22

On the section from the 334th to 543d km of the M-11 Neva Highway (the sixth stage), a speed limit of 130 km/h is introduced.

Now the drivers of motor-cars can drive 335 km at this speed (from the 208th km of Torzhok bypass in Tver Region to the 543d km in Novgorod Region). They will cover this distance in 2.5 hours.

Such a speed limit is allowed to be introduced on highways of the highest technical category with separated contra flow. It is the quality of the road and its furnishing that make it possible to increase the speed limit and traffic safety. M-11 meets these parameters. There are no pedestrian crossings and intersections at the same level. All sections from the 58th km to St. Petersburg are fully illuminated. Display panel promptly warn the drivers about changes in weather, gathering snow or rain.  
The State Company Avtodor plans to gradually increase the speed limit on all sections of 1A technical category which are in its trust.

The increased speed from 110 km/h to 130 km/h contributes to an increase in the highway capacity and uniformity of traffic flow. Drivers do not need to make unnecessary lane-changes and maneuvers, which ultimately increases road safety, but under one important condition — full compliance with the traffic rules by drivers. Statistics confirm that the specific weight of severe injuries (deaths per 100 km) on the toll sections is two times lower than on the toll free ones. Over the five months of this year, compared to the last year, this indicator on the toll sections has decreased by 31.2%, on the toll free ones — by 17.9%.