27 July 2020

The Central Ring Road-4 section is 50 % ready

On the left side of the bridge across the Moskva river, which is a part of the fourth launch complex of the Central Ring Road (CRR-4), a passage for construction machines is provided.

This became possible after the road workers connected this part of the bridge with the banks by lowering the superstructure of the left lane on the bearings and making temporary ramps for transport. Now, the machinery used in the construction of the CRR-4 will leave the existing road network, including Bronnitsy area.

In the near future, the bridge builders will carry out works on lowering the superstructure with a bridge roadway setting on the right half of the structure. Namely, they will carry out its waterproofing and lay asphalt-concrete surfacing, install barrier and guard railings. After the completion of all works on the right side of the bridge and approaches to it, the machinery will drive there, and the builders will begin to complete the construction of the left side of the bridge.
The large-scale construction of a complex technical structure will result in a 298.2 meters long three-span bridge across the Moskva river with the 19-meter riverbed bearings and a total weight of metal structures of 4,377 tons.

CRR-4 runs from east to south of the Moscow Region, connects M-7 Volga, M-5 Ural, and M-4 Don Highways. It passes through Noginsk, Pavlovsky Posad, Voskresensk and Ramenskoye districts, and Elektrostal and Domodedovo urban districts of Moscow Region. It is almost 97 kilometers long. Now, this launch complex is a little more than 50 percent ready, the works will be completed in 2021.