28 July 2020

A unified information landscape is planned to be used for the design, construction and operation of noise fencing

A unified information landscape (UIL) reduces decision-making time and provides the customer and contractor with the equal access to data. This was confirmed by a pilot project for design, construction, and operation of noise fencing, which was implemented by the State Company Avtodor together with Skolkovo (Skyeer) and OZMK, LLC.

Within a month, data was collected and analyzed on a single IT platform, including the results of ground photo and video survey of the construction site obtained by the unmanned aerial vehicles. The Survey data in the context of ground monitoring, design and engineering documentation made it possible to track the following: dismantling of crash barriers and traffic signs, arrangement of temporary markings and temporary signs, installation of concrete blocks and bottoms, construction of pile footing of fencing and a concrete ditch, sowing of grass, as well as construction, restoration and reinforcement of the roadside. This also made it possible to examine individual elements of fencing using the digital zoom method to assess the quality of works.

Digital binding of construction machinery at the site and ensuring the accuracy and quality of operations performed will be the next stage of platform testing. UIL will help to ensure a new level of automation.

In addition, digital shooting will make it possible to assess the condition of noise fencing at the stage of operation and record defects (corrosion, violation of geometric parameters, destruction of footing). However all of this requires algorithms to be developed, including for scanners, which will provide accurate detection.