1 September 2020

The unified standard for emergency commissars began to operate on the highway network of Avtodor State Company

Since September 1, 2020, all operators providing service and maintenance of the toll highway network under the fiduciary management of Avtodor State Company shall work following the unified standard.

The standard was developed based on eight years of experience in the emergency commissars service patrolling toll highways, and was approved by the order of the State Company at the end of July this year.

The document prescribes the unified technical and organizational requirements for the emergency commissar services, methods of detecting events, procedure for actions and interaction with the situation center, bodies of the Road Traffic Inspectorate, medical services in case of emergencies and other emergency situations on highways of the State Company. Moreover, it prescribes the rules for placing the signs and cones to warn drivers about the need to bypass vehicles that are forced to stop on the carriageways or got into an accident. The document specifies in details what exactly the crews of emergency commissars should have, the rules for patrolling sections of highways, what to monitor and what to draw attention to.

For example, in case a vehicle stops on a curve of a high-speed road (prohibited by the Traffic Regulations), the emergency commissar shall ask the driver to move to a rest area or a specially equipped parking lot. In case the driver ignores the request, the commissar shall inform the situation center and record the fact of stopping in the wrong place on a video camera.

Before introduction of the Standard, the emergency commissars acted according to the guidelines and Service Regulations 2012 that laid down the principles of their work. With introduction of the Standard, emergency commissars were provided with a clear step-by-step guide which will help them to do their jobs more efficiently.