15 September 2020

"Russian Highways" State Company and NPS Aksay LLC signed a long-term investment agreement for construction and further service of Aksay bypass on M-4 Don Highway

The State Company Avtodor and NPS Aksay LLC signed a long-term investment agreement (LIA) for construction, maintenance, repair, overhaul and paid usage of M-4 Don Highway section, which will actually bypass Rostov-on-Don, the largest city in the south-west of Russia.

The fifth stage of the Aksay Bypass project will become one of the most difficult in terms of development of M-4 Highway in Rostov region, given the difficult groundwater conditions of the route in this area and a large number of engineering structures to be built. The construction of this facility will be performed by Transstroymekhanizatsiya LLC.

The bidding procedure for the conclusion of the LIA was announced by the State Company Avtodor in mid-August. In addition to high construction qualifications, requirements for the contractor under the agreement included co-fundraising.

The construction of Aksay bypass will be the first project in the portfolio of Natsproektstroy Group of Companies. Transtroymekhanizatsiya LLC will be the constructor through NPS Aksay LLC, established by Natsproektstroy State Corporation to participate in the bidding procedure. NPS Aksay LLC qualified for implementing the project based on the consideration of the sole participant application. The commission, having evaluated the offer and qualification of the company, confirmed their compliance with the competitive requirements and federal legislation. The amount of co-financing of the project on the part of NPS Aksay LLC will exceed 8.593 billion rubles. In accordance with the terms and conditions of tender documentation, the contractor shall complete the construction of a unique highway by the end of 2024 and ensure the subsequent operation of the section on a paid basis until December 31, 2051.

In four years, drivers will be able to reduce travel time from the central part of Russia to Sochi, and the mobility of the population within the Rostov agglomeration will increase. The road traffic situation will improve in Rostov-on-Don, the administrative center of the Southern Federal District. This will have a positive impact on road-traffic safety.

In addition, the commissioning of the facility will provide high-speed car traffic on this section of M-4 Don Highway (up to 130 km/h) and bring the flow of transit vehicles outside Aksay urban settlement.

The specialists of Transstroymekhanizatsiya will in the shortest time possible build a new four-lane high-speed section of IA category with a total length of 36 km, bridges over Don and Aksay rivers, three complex transport interchanges with ramps, cross-overs, pedestrian crossings at the intersection with the existing M-4 Don Highway (1,072 km) and Drive to Novocherkassk (1,038 km) and Aksay–Bolshoy Log–Novocherkassk (1,051 km) roads, as well as small bridges over the Monastyrskoye lake and Cherkasskaya river, numerous cross-overs, driveways for agricultural machinery, animal crossings, local driveways and public highways.

It is also planned to build a toll collection point with the expansion of the carriageway from 4 to 22 lanes. The section under construction passes through regularly flooded alluvial territories and the colossal volume of earthworks will become an important peculiarity of the project. The constructors will perform complete replacement of soils and reinforcement of the earthwork with the allocation of the required stabilizing layer on the 19 km long section.

The proximity to water bodies requires additional construction of an integrated drainage system along the route, including 30 objects (pipe-culverts, drainage and irrigation systems, local treatment facilities, surface inlets, etc.). The total value of the agreement will amount to 85.9 billion rubles (including VAT). Designer — AO «Institute «Stroyproekt». The construction completion date is December 31, 2024.

Today, within the first three stages, the existing M-4 Highway is being reconstructed, and the territory is being prepared for the fifth stage construction works (stage 4).

As part of the first and second stages of the Aksay bypass construction, works on the arrangement of pavement layers, construction of the cross-over and ramps as part of Salsk Ring Road traffic intersection are underway. The total length of the reconstruction section is 17.1 km.

The 3rd stage of Aksay bypass (a 12-kilometer long section from 1,024 to 1,036 km) works commenced in May 2019. As a part of the reconstruction, a cross-over will be built across Sovetskaya Street in the Grushevskaya village in the Aksay district, as well as a bridge across the Tuzlov river in a forward direction (to Sochi). Currently, the works at the facility on arranging top dressing are underway, the construction of the right bridge over the Tuzlov river and the right cross-over across Sovetskaya street in Grushevskaya village is being finished. This March, the construction of the cross-over and bridge in the opposite direction (to Moscow) was finished, and the traffic has already been launched. Stage 3 works are progressing ahead of the approved schedule.
The works on the arrangement of road surface dressing in the excavation zone from 1,034 to 1,036 km are at their final stage. At the same time, the works to equip the section with supports for road signs are underway, as well as the preparations for the installation of an automated traffic control system.

The construction and reconstruction of the Aksay bypass are being performed within the framework of the Communications Between the Centers of Economic Growth Federal Project, which is a part of the Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of Highway Infrastructure.