16 September 2020

For 8 months of the current year, almost 70 million vehicles have driven along the roads of "Russian Highways" State Company

In August this year, more than 22 million drives were made along the roads of the State Company. Traditionally, the peak of summer travelling falls on this month.

Compared to the same period of the last year, there is an increase in the number of drives by 14%, and compared to the beginning of 2020 — by 31.6%. In 8 months, total of almost 70 million drives were recorded on the roads held in the trust management of the State Company.

M-4 Don Highway became the leader in the number of vehicles in August. 18.6 million drives were made along it.

As for the drives through the toll collection points (TCP), in the Moscow region 76,000 vehicles passed the TCP at the 71st km of M-4 in peak days. 63,000 drives through TCP at 1,093 km in the Rostov region were recorded.

In August 2020, on M-11 Neva Highway sections held in the trust management of the State Company, where a closed toll collection system operates, there was a 54% increase in the number of drives compared to the same month in 2019.

More than 1,127,000 vehicles drove along M-11 in the Moscow and Tver Regions in August 2020. This is 27% more than in August 2019. In Tver, Novgorod, and Leningrad regions, 1,160,000 drivers used the highway. This is almost double the figure for August 2019. Moreover, every third driver was traveling in transit. In particular, passenger traffic grew by 128% (2.28 times).