22 September 2020

Installation of equipment at first three frames of the Free Flow system finished on CRR

A set of equipment collecting information from passing vehicles was installed on each frame. This equipment includes cameras recording the fact of vehicle passage and reading the license plate number; laser sensors determining the vehicle dimensions; antennas, recognizing transponders, as well as industrial PC. The PC will be responsible for primary information processing and its transfer to the central system of the Free Flow.

They will become a component of a single Smart Transportation System (STS) for the entire ring road. Besides the frames, the STS of the CRR-3 will include 75 transport flow detectors, 71 video surveillance cameras for automatic traffic control system (ATCS), and 7 weather stations. The information from them will be transferred to the highway Central Control Room (CCR).

Totally 12 Free Flow frames will be installed on the CRR. The system will provide the drivers with the opportunity to pass the CRR without stops, and road workers will be able to refuse collection points and barriers construction.

The length of the third launch complex of the CRR amounts to 105.87 km. The four-lane highway (two lanes in each direction) connects M-11 Neva and M-7 Volga highways.