24 September 2020

«Russian Highways» State Company proposed new alternative project of Northern Tver bypass

The new construction version of the 3rd stage (149 to 208 kilometer) of M-11 Neva Highway was discussed on the meeting by Vyacheslav Petushenko, Chairman of the Board of the State Company, and Igor Rudenya, Tver Region Governor.

The bypass provides for the highway passing over the Volga River, as in the previous version. Further, it is planned to bypass the Tvertsa River bed, water-intake facilities, wells of Tver water service company and recreation area near the city.

The first version of design documentation of this highway section, developed in 2009–2012, obtained a positive conclusion of Glavgosexpertiza (General Board of State Expert Review) of Russia in 2014. However, during six years the territory in the area of Tver has been developing dynamically, so adjustment and updating of design solutions are required.

The new alternative project suggests to move the alignment of the road across the Tvertsa River away from the recreation area popular among the residents of Tver region. This will have a positive impact on the environmental situation and provide Tver with the opportunity to develop northward as a large regional center without the risk of the road becoming a part of its street road network. Since 2008, Tver has been actively developing in the direction of the Tvertsa River.

The design solution provides for the construction of a four-lane section with a length of more than 60 kilometers of the road of IА technical category, with a permissible speed of 130 km/h as on other sections of M-11 Neva highway. Two toll collection points and four rest areas equipped with modern sanitary modules will be built on the bypass.

Construction of 35 engineering structures with a total length of more than 3 kilometers is envisaged within the bypass. A significant facility on the new section will be a bridge across the Volga River (on the 155th  kilometer) over one kilometer in length. To increase the transport accessibility of Tver and adjacent territories, as well as to relieve the regional capital from heavy trucks, additional transport interchanges will be constructed. 4 transport interchanges with the M-10 Russia Federal Highway and regional roads are planned at different levels: Tver– Rozhdestveno–Pervoe Maia–Ilinskoe; Tver–Bezhetsk–Vesyegonsk–Ustiuzhna; Mednoe–Kulitskoe.

The launch of traffic along the Tver North Bypass road will make it possible to form a sustainable road communication through the northeastern territories of the Tver Region to the cities of Vologda, Yaroslavl and Dubna, as well as create additional opportunities for the development of agriculture and housing in the Bezhetskiy, Kalininskiy, Kimrskiy, and Rameshkovskiy districts of the Upper Volga Region, and the development of infrastructure projects in Tver.

The design is planned to be completed in 2021.