25 September 2020

The Ministry of Transport submitted the report on the «Russian Highways» State Company program for 2019 to Russian Federation Government

Following 2019, the network of federal highways in Russia managed by the State Company Avtodor increased by more than 200 kilometers due to the commissioning of new facilities and reconstruction of the existing ones. These data are provided in the report on performance of the State Company Avtodor program for 2019.

In the past year under the federal project "Routes of communication among centers of economic advance" (RCCEA), the State Company Avtodor fully commissioned M-11 Neva highway, having opened traffic at three new highway sections with a total length of over 180 kilometers. Thus, another federal highway appeared in 2019 between Moscow and St. Petersburg which primarily is used for transit. This is an important step towards the formation of transport corridors "North – South", "West – East" and "Europe – West China".

The State Company continued the development of existing road network in the past year. Three new transport interchanges were built, two reconstructed, and two new flyovers were erected on M-1 Belarus highway. Traffic on Sukhumi highway interchange was opened on M-4 Don highway that allowed minimizing traffic jams on entrances to Novorossiysk port. This allowed trucks from the seaport to enter the road without obstacles.

Following 2019, five federal highways were under fiduciary management of the State Company: M-1 Belarus, M-3 Ukraine, M-4 Don, M-11 Neva, А-105 Access road from Moscow to Domodedovo airport, with a total length of 3,411.5 kilometers. At the same time, the length of roads complying with the regulatory requirements was more than 83 percent (2,835.6 kilometers).

The share of extra-budgetary funding in the total amount of funding of the activities on organizing construction and reconstruction of the roads was 50.3 percent in the past year.

Commissioning on a paid basis of 4 sections of roads of Avtodor State Company with a total length of 214.34 kilometers is planned in 2020. Following the first half of 2020, the road network of the State Company increased by 130.1 kilometers. 20.7 kilometers were reconstructed and 14.4 kilometers were constructed within the Fifth Launch Complex of the Central Ring Road (CRR). 78.3 kilometers of new roads (bypass of Losevo village and Pavlovsk town from the 633rd to 715th kilometer) were constructed and 15.7 kilometers were reconstructed on M-4 Don highway in Voronezh region. As of September 1, 2020, the total length of toll sections on the roads of the State Company Avtodor was 1,544.17 kilometers (44 percent from the total length of the road network of the State Company Avtodor).

Following 2020, it is planned to open traffic along 272.9 kilometers, repair 244.2 kilometers of roads, overhaul 98.4 kilometers of network.

Activities of the State Company are primarily aimed at improving the quality, reliability and safety of transportation of goods and passengers. This will lead to a reduction of time spent and transport expenses of the road users, improvement of the transport accessibility of the regions of the Russian Federation.