22 October 2020

Frames of Free Flow started recording information from transponders on CRR-3

At the Third Launch Complex of the Central Ring Road (CRR) specialists set up antennas that read information from transponders on the frames of Free Flow. For now, they are only recording the fact that a vehicle with a transponder passes through the frame. When the system is fully operational, the data on how many frames the vehicle has driven will be sent to Avtodor-Toll Roads, LLC to write off funds from the account.

In future, T-pass transponder will become one of the most convenient ways to pay toll at the Central Ring Road. T-pass transponder will let you to drive along the ring road in the most beneficial way.
Avtodor State Company provides for significant discounts for users of transponders for the length of the route along the Central Ring Road, as well as the accrual of bonuses for regular users. Owners of transponders of other issuers will also be able to count on discounts when paying a toll.

There are going to be three frames on CRR-3. A set of equipment collecting information from passing vehicles was installed on each of them. Apart from antennas registering transponders, there will be laser sensors that determine dimensions of a vehicle, and cameras recording the fact of a vehicle passage and reading the license plate number. They will help record the toll payment. But this method of payment does not provide an opportunity to get a discount on travel around the Central Ring Road.

The Free Flow system records and stores all travel transactions, photo and video data about vehicles in the database of the central control center of the Central Ring Road. If a motorist has not paid a toll, the information about the unpaid trips will be used to collect the arrears in the toll payment, with the possibility of involving the Federal Bailiff Service.