23 October 2020

Traffic along the first three motorway junctions opened at the CRR-4

As part of the construction works of the fourth launch complex of the Central Ring Road (CRR-4), traffic was opened along the first three motorway junctions.

Two motorway junctions connect A-107 Moscow Small Ring highway with Slobodka village and Obraztsovo village, while the third one connects Subbotino and Sepurino settlements.

CRR crosses 25 local and regional roads. To eliminate the disunity of territories and ensure road communication between settlements, building of junctions at intersections with transport passes above or below the highway is envisaged.
In total, within the framework of CRR-4 there will be 71 artificial structures with a total length of 10.2 kilometers. The fourth launch complex will connect M-4 "Don" and M-7 "Volga" Highways. Those driving along M-5 "Ural" Federal Highway will have an opportunity to exit and enter this road. The length of CRR-4 is 96.846 km.