6 April 2021

Train traffic launched on new flyover over M-1 Highway near Moscow

An arch span of new structure located on the 63rd kilometer of M-1 Belarus Highway was installed in February this year. Currently, the train traffic on Kubinka-1 – Akulovo Section of the Big Ring of Moscow Railway passes through it and two lanes of the old railway flyover.

Totally three new railway bridge structures are planned to be erected on this section. At the beginning of March 2021, the builders installed the second arch. Due to rapid pace of works, it is planned to launch the train traffic there already in May.

Then the builders will be able to start dismantling the old two-lane flyover. This will allow installing the third arch in June and launch trains through all three new bridge structures by the end of summer.

Each flyover is an individual arched structure. The weight of one arch with service walkways is 682.5 tons, the length is 98.2 meters.

The construction of railway flyovers is provided in M-1 Belarus reconstruction project from the 45th to the 66th kilometer. The new arch spans will allow a six-lane traffic to pass through in the M-1 alignment. The works on the 45th - 66th kilometer road section started in 2019 and will have been completed by the end of 2021. In the future, the highway will be reconstructed up to the 84th kilometer and an interchange will be erected on the 86th kilometer.