5 April 2021

Completion of major works on three engineering structures on M-3 Ukraine in Bryansk Region is planned for May

The road workers plan to lift the traffic restrictions for cars on the railway flyover on the 425th km, bridges over the Maritsa River on the 481st km and the Sosnitsa River on the 486th km by the beginning of summer.

Currently, repair works are carried out on these engineering structures and the traffic is only on one lane (3.5 m wide). The speed limit of 50 km/h is introduced for motorists.

Laying of mastic asphalt on the flyover span constructions and approaches on the right side when driving from Moscow is carried out on the railway flyover and the bridge over the Sosnitsa River. The preparation for laying of mastic asphalt is carried out on the bridge over the Maritsa River. The cones of engineering structures are being repaired.