8 April 2021

Noise Screens Installed on the 37th Kilometer of M-1 Belarus Highway near Likino Settlement

Upon request of the residents of Odintsovo district of Moscow region, road builders installed noise screens six meter high on the 37th kilometer of M-1 Belarus Highway, near the ramp towards Likino settlement in the direction of Smolensk. On the other side of the road (in the direction of Moscow), the screens became higher by two meters to reach six meters.

The new height of the screens was chosen on the purpose based on the noise level.

Let us remind you that this road section was improved more than five years ago. Design documents for the reconstruction were developed in 2008–2009. In ten years, houses turned out to be closer to the road, traffic intensified, and it was decided to improve the noise screens.

Now residents of Likino and Selskaya Nov villages can enjoy the silence. The limitations posed during the installation of the screens are now cancelled. Motor cars can again ride at the speed up to 110 km per hour.