23 April 2021

More than 270 kilometers of the road network of Avtodor State Company will be repaired in 2021

Different sections of four federal highways – M-1 "Belarus", M-3 "Ukraine", M-4 "Don" and M-11 "Neva" will be repaired.

The large-scale work will be carried out on M-4 Highway, where totally 131.6 kilometers will be repaired, including 26.3 kilometers will be overhauled. The road surface on a number of sections in Moscow, Tula, Voronezh, Rostov Regions and Krasnodar Krai is to be restored. This is not just about the main passage of the highway, but also about free alternative sections.

So, the works have already launched on replacing the road surface on the section from the 1146th kilometer to 1157th kilometer and there is a large-scale overhaul of the section from the 1494th kilometer to 1503rd kilometer in the urban district of Gelendzhik. It is planned to begin replacing the top layer of the road surface at traffic intersections on the 1147th and 1151st kilometers in the near future.

Moreover, a number of junctions and bridges on M-4 Highway is to be repaired. They include junctions across the railway tracks on the 39th and 40th kilometers of the route in Moscow region, the bridge across Khvorostan River on the 548th kilometer, and junctions on the 1074th kilometer. Works on the structures have already started and will be completed by the end of the year. Bridges across Taganka River on the 643rd kilometer and Kazinka River on the 691st kilometer will be overhauled. Works will be initiated this month and are planned to be completed in mid-autumn 2021.

M-1 "Belarus" Highway will be repaired in Smolensk Region. The worn-out layer of the road surface is to be repaired on 42.3 kilometers in total. Moreover, bridges across Vyazma River on the 227th and 237th kilometers, Berezyanka River on the 433rd kilometer and Volsha River on the 452nd kilometer will be repaired. The works will start this month and will be completed in Q4 2021. For the entire period of repairs a reverse traffic will be arranged and the maximum permitted speed will be reduced.

Junctions across the railway tracks on the 254th and 425th kilometers, as well as bridges across Maritsa (481th km) and Sosnitsa (486th km) Rivers are being repaired on M-3 "Ukraine" Highway. A reverse traffic condition and the reduced driving speed is introduced here. The worn-out layer of M-3 Highway will be restored in Bryansk Region on 25 kilometers in total.

M-11 "Neva" Highway is to be repaired at Vyshny Volochyok bypass. This section of the highway was opened for traffic in 2014. The top layer of the road surface is to be repaired totally on 72 kilometers. The work will start in summer and will be completed in Q4 2021.

We kindly ask the drivers to be careful, stick to the speed limits and comply with all the requirements of temporary traffic signs. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.