28 April 2021

On M-1 "Belarus" Highway in Moscow Region, officers of different agencies trained road accident responses

Experts of “Russian Highways” State Company together with New Quality of Road JSC, operator of northern Odintsovo bypass, employees of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, traffic police and Emergency Medicine Center have participated in a training on eliminating the consequences of a road emergency.

The training took place at the rest area on the 4th kilometer of a new entry to Moscow Ring Road from M-1 "Belarus" Highway. The exercise script read that a motor and truck cars collided on the highway, with the drivers and passengers blocked in the damaged vehicles. In addition, the truck caught fire due to leaked fuel. There was heavy traffic near the incident site.

Emergency service experts rapidly came to the site of the conditional road accident. Emergency commissioners fenced the section with signal cones and signs informing other drivers on the danger. Employees of traffic police regulated traffic near the accident site, while officers of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations removed the “injured” from the damaged vehicles and arranged for their emergency medical examination. The fire was extinguished, and then the road service employees took away the damaged cars from the driveway, removed the fuel leakages, and traffic was resumed in both lanes.

Trainings like this allow the officers practicing all services saving people and eliminating the consequences of accident in conditions most closely resembling the real ones. The training proved well-coordinated work of the involved experts, sufficient staff and means for fast assistance for victims of road accidents, and possibility to secure a safe traffic in case of emergency.