24 November 2021

Superstructure Launching Started on the Bridge over the Volga River on the M-12 Highway

The first launching of metalwork of a bridge over the Volga River weighing 560 tons was started at stage 8 of the future M-12 Highway near Kazan. The process will take almost 24 hours. With two special hydraulic jacks weighing 400 tons, which are installed in the tail of the superstructure, the workers will pull the metal base up to the distance of 63 meters from the left bank to the right bank. The launching speed averages 2.8 m/hour. The 3,343 m bridge across the Volga River will be the longest on the M-12 Highway.

On the Oka River, the metalwork of superstructures is being assembled for further mounting. The 1.3 km cable-stayed bridge will connect the Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod banks of the Oka River. Active preparatory work for building a 926 m bridge is in progress on the Sura River

Intensive work is underway on all 810.87 kilometers of the future M-12 Highway. The facility employs more than 12,000 people and 4.6 thousand units of equipment.

961 out of 1,082 communications are being altered at 218 out of more than 300 engineering structures.

In three years, the traffic along the entire length of the M-12 Highway from Moscow to Kazan is planned to be launched. This will cut the time for car travelers from the capital city to Kazan by half.