25 November 2021

Glavgosexpertiza Approves the Estimate for stage 5 of Aksai Bypass

Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (Federal Autonomous Institution "Main Department of State Expertise") performed revalidation of the estimated cost of renovation of M-4 Don highway on the section from 1036 + 823 km to 1072 + 321 km in Rostov region. Following the results of the state expertise, a positive opinion has been issued.

Stage 5 is one of the most difficult stages in the implementation of the largest infrastructure project for Aksai bypass construction.  Difficult hydrogeological conditions for the route passage and a large number of engineering structures imply the construction of an earth bed with an average height of up to 7–8 m, and in some places - up to 18 m.

Positive opinions on design and estimate documentation for the construction were issued by Glavgosexpertiza of Russia in April 2020. An enlarged recalculation of the total cost of the construction object has been performed.

The section of 35.497 km long is being laid along the valley in the floodplains of the Don, Aksai and Cherkasskaya rivers through several rural settlements of Novocherkassk urban district and Aksai district of Rostov region. The road runs in the new direction from the 1038th to the 1072nd km, from the eastern side of the Aksai and the farm Bolshoy Log.

According to the presented solutions, the bridges are being built at the site across the Don and the Aksai rivers, overpasses - along the main road and over M-4 Don highway, animal crossings, cattle passes, three transport interchanges with ramps and overhead pedestrian crossings - again, at the intersection with M-4 Don highway, with the approach to Novocherkassk city and Aksai - Bolshoy Log - Novocherkassk highway.  A toll collection point will be constructed at the 1045th km, communications will be rebuilt at the intersection with the Aleksandrovka - Kiziterinka section of the North Caucasian Railway.

To ensure safety and organization of traffic, the road signs, barrier, parapet, mesh and pedestrian fences, damping systems and water-filled buffers will be installed at the section, and linear and area markings will be applied.
The General Designer is JSC "Institute "Stroyproekt". The Developer is "Russian Highways" State Company.