16 February 2022

Russian Highways State Company Repaired 400 km of Roads in 2021

Most of the kilometers of roads were repaired on the M-4 Don Highway (244 km) and M-1 Belarus Highway (75.9 km). After repair, 16 bridges and flyovers with a total length of 1043.6 linear meters were accepted into operation on the entire road network of the State Company.

The road workers have carried out an integrated arrangement of sections, including installation of 4974 linear meters of acoustic screens on the M-1 Highway, 428 157 linear meters of mesh fencing, equipped with a recreation area. Seven pedestrian crossings were erected on the M-4 Highway.

More than 300 km of roads are scheduled to be repaired this year. For the safety of users, in 2022 it is planned to install 42 km of barrier fencing to separate traffic flows, arrange 39 pedestrian and transport traffic lights, mount 14.7 km of pedestrian railings and mesh fencing.