21 February 2022

By the Holiday Season, Traffic will Open at the Interchange at the 1504th km of the M-4 "Don"

The contractors of Russian Highways State Company in the area of the resort city of Gelendzhik are carrying out construction and reconstruction of the highway including the construction of transport interchanges as part of the implementation of projects aimed at increasing the capacity and bringing the parameters of the M-4 Don Highway to category IB.

In particular, by the holiday season in 2022, traffic on the section from km 1503 to km 1506 (3.5 km) is planned to open.

Active work is now underway there on the construction of the pavement surfacing, as well as the construction of a jughandle to connect disconnected territories.

A set of basic work has already been completed at the interchange itself, as well as on the bridge over the Aderbu River.

Work is underway to install a barrier fencing, build two pedestrian crossings in the area of the village of Svetly and near the exit to Divnomorskoye, as well as build foundations for noise screens.

At the second start-up complex of transport interchanges, work is actively underway on the section from km 1512 to km 1517. According to the schedule, they should be completed in 2023, however, by the beginning of the holiday season in 2022, it is planned to provide through transit traffic on a new elevated road near Lunacharskogo Street, which will allow to improve the transport situation in the busiest section, where several traffic flows converge in a circular motion already this year.

To date, the construction of the elevated road has been completed, work has been done on the installation of supports and a steel reinforced concrete superstructure. Work is underway to arrange approaches from the side of Kabardinka.

After the launch of the elevated road, the entire section of the ring traffic will be reconstructed. The construction and reconstruction of 4.3 km will be completed in 2023 with the parameters of the M-4 Don Highway being brought up to the IB technical category.
In May 2022, the road workers will begin constructing a new road junction at the 1522nd km - an entrance to the village of Kabardinka. The interchange will eliminate the left turn and remove a set of traffic lights from the main course of the M-4 Highway. After completion of work in 2023, entry and exit from Kabardinka will be free from traffic lights and traffic congestion during the holiday season. Now preparatory and land cadastral work is being carried out, working documentation is being developed, geodetic work is being conducted.

Taking into account the achieved pace of work and the completion in 2021 of the reconstruction of the section from km 1517 to km 1519, it is planned that by the end of 2023 it will be possible to drive without traffic jams, traffic lights, left turns along Gelendzhik and Kabardinka with a comfortable entrance and exit to these settlements, attractive for tourists and vacationers.