26 July 2022

Positive conclusion regarding the project of a railway flyover at the 290th km of the M-1 has been received

The Main Directorate of the State Expert Review of Russia (Glavgosexpertiza) has issued positive conclusion on design and estimate documents for the facility construction. The flyover is planned to be constructed at the 290th km of the М-1 Belarus at the intersection of the highway and the Durovo - Igorevskaya section of the Moscow Railway.

The new facility will allow not only providing safety for the road traffic on the М-1 section near Baranovskoye and Beleninskoye villages in the Safonovo District (Smolensk Region), but also increasing the highway traffic capacity.
Today, the railway crossing with traffic signalization and automatic traffic control barriers is located at the intersection of the М-1 and the "Durovo - Vladimirsky tupik" railway (the Smolensk Region). The adopted design solutions provide for construction of a 19-meter four-lane flyover with approaches of 1.08 km in total length according to IB technical category regulations.

The project also provides for construction of two process exits for the transforming substation being designed and local waste treatment plants. External lights will be installed within 1,050 meters, and electrical supply networks will be laid on the bridge construction section.