27 February 2023

In 2022, emergency committees of Avtodor State Company provided assistance 94,000 times on toll road sections

In 2022, accident commissioners responded to nearly 54,000 calls to assist motorists in resolving technical issues with their vehicles. They have addressed the issue of refueling the vehicle more than 16,000 times. Many motorists fail to fill up their tanks before embarking on a long journey, passing by fuel stations and only remembering to refuel when the indicator on the dashboard lights up to indicate that the fuel is running low. Then emergency commissioners arrive to provide assistance.

Emergency committees are tasked to monitor the safety on the roads. They continually patrol the areas assigned to them and ensure that no one parks on a curve of a high-speed road. Such reckless parking can be life-threatening. In 2022, they issued almost 6,000 warnings to drivers about illegal stopping and requested them to drive to a rest area where they could stop safely.

The emergency commissioners provided cover for road works on more than 3,600 occasions and attended events with cyclists and pedestrians on 909 occasions. Many of them, entering or exiting the highway, where the maximum speed limit for cars is 130 km/h, did not realize the danger to which they were exposing themselves.

The work of emergency committees resulted in a 12% decrease in the number of traffic accidents. The number of fatalities and injuries in accidents decreased by 15.6% and 10%, respectively. Last year, the road network expanded by more than 100 km, reaching a total of 4,162 km. The number of emergency commissioner crews on the toll sections of the Avtodor State Company has also been increased to 96 crews.

In 2022, the number of emergency commissioner trips totaled 93,967. At the same time, the number of calls per crew increased to 979 departures (+8.9%). In 2021, there were 80,026 departures (the specific indicator per crew was 899 departures).

In addition to providing assistance in standard situations, the crews of emergency commissioners aided lost mushroom pickers who had emerged from the forest to the highway, and picked up quarreling lovers from the curve of a high-speed road.

The emergency commissioner service operates 24 hours a day across all toll sections of the Avtodor State Company. You can call a commissioner by the short number *2323. Assistance is free, the average waiting time for the crew not exceeding 15 minutes.